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Rockett Pedals
10 Ton Hammer

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O Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer é um pedal de distorção "old school" que fornece distorção articulada com sustain brilhante.
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The Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer is a perfect distortion pedal for players who have a clean amp, like a Fender. It may not play nicely with high gain amplifiers, that’s just the nature of the high gain game. This is a highly responsive pedal, and with some creative use of your guitar’s volume and tone knobs, you can even achieve some bluesier tones for added versatility. But really, subtlety isn’t this pedal’s primary job. It is here to crush, kill, and destroy, but in a very musical and harmonically rich way. Get back in tune with the old school overdrives that made you wanna rip some killer riffs and leads in the first place. The Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer will unleash a pummeling tone with all the intensity of a monstrous wall of distortion.

  • Volume: controls level of signal
  • Gain: controls level of overdrive
  • Treble: controls level of high frequency
  • Bass: controls level of low frequency
  • Power: 9 vdc
  • True Bypass

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Marca Rockett Pedals
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