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Guitarra Clássica 12 Rose

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Meet the Rose, our only all-Indian rosewood model. Featuring a comfortable, slim steel-string style neck (48mm nut width) with radiused fingerboard, the 12 Rose is available with 12 frets to the body. The Rose's unique look and style is accentuated by premium materials such as an ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood binding, bridge and headstock overlay and it is ready for the stage with a built-in Fishman Presys Blend preamp and onboard tuner. It comes in a deluxe Córdoba gig bag.


Design Features
The 12 Natural belongs to Córdoba’s Fusion series, a line of high quality crossover/hybrid nylon string guitars designed to play and feel like steel string acoustics. With the option of 12 or 14 frets to the body on most models, these slimmer dimensions combined with a radiused fingerboard give the Fusion series the feel and playability that most steel string and electric guitar players prefer. Tonally, the Fusion series models have all the warmth, body, and resonance that traditional “classical” nylon string guitars are known for, and are built using traditional Spanish guitar methods like domed soundboards and fan bracing patterns.

All Fusion guitars feature Savarez Corum Alliance strings that offer the higher tension feel that most crossover players want.

12 vs 14 Frets
The 12 fret model more closely resembles a traditional classical guitar, and allows the bridge to sit a bit further back on the soundboard, where resonance is optimized for a large sound with long sustain. The 14 fret model has a more familiar upper register for steel string players. The bridge is shifted slightly forward from the center of the soundboard, increasing ease of playability for the steel string or electric player. More frets are exposed, creating an easier territory for soloing.

Características do Produto

Cor Natural
Marca Cordoba
Afinadores Cordoba Silver with Black Buttons
Comprimento Escala 650mm (25.6")
Nº de Trastos 19
Corpo Outro
Escala Ebony
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