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Gibson Custom
58 Les Paul Standard VOS Iced Tea

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Limited Run Gibson Custom Les Paul Standard, these guitars have replaced the Standard Historic and True Historic guitars for 2017.
Gibson have used the longer neck tenon for the neck join - which is famous for providing a touch more sustain and stability between the neck and body of the guitar. The hide glue is an older way of joing the Maple Top to the Mahogany body but it provides far great resonance as it pulls the two pieces of wood together and forms a solid connection between the woods rather than a barrier like cheaper glue would. This is a small change but makes a massive difference to the resonance and how the guitar ages - it will only get better with age like a fine acoustic. All of the plastics on this guitar are from the True Historic line which have been faithfully recreated to be made from the exact same material as Gibson guitars in the 50s and 60s.The VOS finish isn't a reliced finish. It's more like you put the guitar in it's case for 50 years and it's still in immaculate condition but slightly faded and worn. The VOS finish is probably the most popular finish in the Gibson Custom Shop line.


Late 50s neck profile.
Each guitar carries its own unique serial number on the back of the headstock beginning 8.
1pc solid mahogany back.
Aniline dye back and sides.
Long neck tennon.
Hide glue fitted neck and top.
True Historic spec parts Inc. all plastics and pickup covers.
Custombucker pickups.
Custom Shop COA.
Brown/Pink case included.

Características do Produto

Cor Ice Tea
Marca Gibson Custom
Pickups Custombucker
Comprimento Escala 24.75" (628 mm)
Nº de Trastos 22
Corpo Single Cut
Escala Rosewood
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