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Rockett Pedals

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1968 Plexi Sound
O Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive fornece som plexi orgânico e rico.
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The Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive delivers that hot plexi tone that is synonymous with ROCK. That’s right. When you say the word “ROCK”, this is the sound you hear in your head. Get on a highway to hell to paradise city, cause its women and children first. This will clean out your toys in the attic and get yer led out. The Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive has enough sustain and drive to kick it with your metal-crazed cousins, but it has some lower gain settings that can really thicken up some single coils and get your Strat back in the saddle. The snarl switch will get you hot for teacher, and sustain for days. Time to get on all fours and bark at the moon, ’cause the Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive is on the hunt.

  • Volume: Controls signal level
  • Gain: Controls amount of overdrive
  • Treble: Controls high frequencies
  • Bass: Controls low frequencies
  • Snarl: Switch from vintage plexi voicing to modified plexi voicing

Características do Produto

Marca Rockett Pedals
Tipo Overdrive