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BMC 2 (Bass Mid Control 2)

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The BMC2 has an added gain boost switch that provides +10db of gain increase at the input stage. With the added volume control, unity gain can be achieved or with the gain boost engaged, you can add up to +6db of volume. In addition to the previous midrange boost and cut, it can now be used as a clean booster or as a preamp with a wide range of tone control. Furthermore, it is possible to generate 18VDC by a built-in DC-DC converter in BMC2. It is able to select 9VDC or 18VDC by an internal Dip Switch.
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  • Operating voltage choice is 9VDC or 18VDC. Compared to the 9VDC, 18VDC has less distortion with wider range of tone but please be aware that your battery will drain faster.
    Factory setting is 9VDC.
  • Either 9VDC battery or 9VDC power adapter can be used.
    *Please only use the regulated negative tip 9VDC power adapter.
    *Please do not use other adapter except for a 9VDC negative tip power source to limit possibility of failure.
  • Upon powering the pedal, or changing dip switch setting you may experience a "pop" when the pedal is engaged. This is not a device failure. Simply repeatedly turn on/off the pedal to dispense voltage, stabilizing the pedal.
  • When switching between 9VDC or 18VDC, please turn off all power to the pedal in order to protect the pedal's internal electrical parts.

Características do Produto

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Alimentação 9VDC / 3.3mA, 18VDC / 6.6mA
Marca EWS
Tipo Pre-Amp/EQ
Dimensões 38.5mmx92.5mmx55mm
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