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Carl Martin
Bass Drive

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The Bass Drive restates a convincing case for tube drives. It's a solid, conservative, utterly lovely pedal.


Even though the BassDrive has been listed in the catalogue for years, Carl postponed the release of this pedal until we were able to tweak the EQ and crunch to where it could add a warm ‘tube’ sound to modern digital bass amps and actually improve their performance. The new Carl Martin Bass Drive now does exactly that….creating that famous John Entwhistle (The Who) tone … big, round and phat with just the right amount of sustain to place your bass properly in the mix and allow it to ‘pop’ in live and recording situations. The Drive control blends evenly with your bass tones, rather than sitting on top like so many others, and very naturally maintains a full bottom-end. Gain, Bass-Mid-Treble, Level Controls look after your sound, and the regulated and switch-able Power Supply (115-240V) provides the Bass Drive with tons of headroom….Carl, is smiling again!

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Marca Carl Martin
Tipo Overdrive
Dimensões 185 x 115 x 56 (mm)