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Pedal de delay com 10 presets de Delay com qualidade de estúdio.
Com aplicações e saídas (mono ou stéreo), digitais ou analógicas, o Eventide Time Factor possui 2 delays independentes de até 3 segundos de atraso, 27 presets de utilizador, entre diversas outras utilidades.


The TimeFactor is a stunning advancement in the world of stompboxes. Bringing studio-quality delays from Eventide’s massive arsenal of amazing effects to the studio or stage has never been easier. The TimeFactor is loaded with 10 of Eventide’s best delays. The TimeFactor offers tap tempo and MIDI sync, and has an expression pedal input. The TimeFactor features a pair of inputs and a pair of outputs for stereo operation and the software can be upgraded via USB. Shipping now in limited quantities.

Eventide TimeFactor Features:

  • Studio-quality Eventide sound in a stompbox
  • Two independent 3 second delays
  • 20 presets/unlimited via MIDI
  • MIDI sync, tap tempo, and an input for an expression pedal
  • True analog bypass
  • Instant program change
  • Guitar or line level inputs
  • Class compliant USB for computer control
  • Rugged cast metal construction
  • 10 of Eventide’s best delay effects in mono or stereo:
  • Digital Delay
  • Vintage Delay
  • TapeEcho
  • ModDelay
  • DuckedDelay
  • BandDelay
  • FilterPong
  • MultiTap Delay
  • Reverse Delay
  • 12-second Looper with VariSpeed

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