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Glove Nappa p/Guitarra



Correia premium para guitarras, feita com duas camadas de couro de alta qualidade extra macio.


The short Premium Guitar Strap is adjustable from 117 cm to 135 cm.
The long strap is adjustable from 128 cm to 144 cm.

The length is measured from hole to hole with the braided belt at its short position.
The thickness of this strap is 3.2 mm, composed of two layers of full grain nappa bonded together tightly.
The strap comes with 6 mm holes to carry the instrument.

We still recommend using a FASTLock system holding the instrument safely on your shoulder.

The strap’s width is 6 cm. It’s made especially wide to hang comfortably over the shoulder, avoiding neck ache. Even heavy instruments feel much lighter.

The grainy backline of the strap, dyed in a yellows maize color, allows the bass to slide over the shoulder. However it still sits firm enough to help with heavy weight guitars.

Características do Produto

Marca Harvest
Largura 6cm
Espessura 3,2mm
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