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Multi Tool MTZ11

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The Ibanez MTZ11 is the perfect multi-tool for mobile guitar maintenance. The MTZ11 Combining 11 tools in one handy chassis, the MTZ11 includes hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a tube spanner and a ruler. The easy-to-handle MTZ11 is designed to solve all your set-up troubles when you're on the road or prepping for a gig.

Hex wrench (5mm)
Hex wrench (4mm)
Hex wrench (3mm)
Hex wrench (2.5mm)
Hex wrench (2mm)
Hex wrench (1.5mm)
Tube spanner (7mm)
Screwdriver: phillips-head/large
Screwdriver: phillips-head/small
Screwdriver: slot-head
Ruler: 50mm


•Quick access multi tool for Guitars
•11 essential guitar setup tools
•94 x 37 x 32mm
•It is so compact that you can carry the MTZ11 in your pocket
•The convenient center holes in the MTZ11's body make it easy to access any tool you need
•The wrench sizes are written clearly on the body for instant access and use

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