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Origin Effects
Cali76 Compact

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The Cali76 Compact provides direct access to your favourite vintage compression settings from
the original Cali76 in a compact, easy­to­use package.

A single combined Attack/Release control takes care of these often misunderstood parameters,
guiding you through the most useful combinations while avoiding the less useful ones. Add in a
simple high/low ratio switch and you get tons of flexibility without the complexity – instant
gratification guaranteed!

The ratio switch provides 4:1 and 20:1 settings. We sourced a number of original 1176 units and
chose to match our compression curves to the best sounding unit, which displayed compression
curves closely matching those shown in the first Urei manual.

4:1 tends to work best on guitars equipped with humbuckers, as well as bass guitars. The
higher ratio setting on the Cali76­C is great for creating pronounced compression effects, such
as a country­style squash.


Smaller Size With No Compromise!
The original Cali76 is a big, beautiful compressor pedal that delivers studio­quality 1176­style
compression using discrete Class­A circuitry that’s true to the topology and design philosophy of
the original.
Sticking to exactly the same principles, we’ve squeezed this exceptional compressor into a
smaller stompbox package that’s more portable and easier to use. Not only do the simplified
controls mean you can access a great range of sounds almost instantly, but the 3:1 space
saving means this pedal can be housed on even the most congested of pedalboards.
Like all of our Compact Series pedals, the Cali76 Compact features high­current, discrete,
Class­A circuitry for transparent, low­noise performance. We’ve taken a no­compromise
approach to the circuit design using only the best of modern components.
Rugged MELF resistors offer low noise performance and rock­solid reliability. Film and tantalum
capacitors offer tight tolerances and superb linearity. Carefully chosen transistors biased at
relatively high currents yield a distinct signal­to­noise advantage.
Please note: the Cali76 Compact is powered by a mains adaptor only. We’ve dispensed with the
usual 9V battery option, both to save space and to allow us to adopt a high­current approach,
yielding lower noise levels and superior tone.
The Cali76 Compact is all you need to experience organic, shimmering compressed tone. If
you’d rather concentrate on playing instead of tweaking, this is the pedal for you!

• 100% Class­A discrete signal path
• Classic, ultra fast “FET” response
• Studio­grade discrete­transistor preamp
• Combined Attack/Release control
• Dual­position Ratio switch
• Optimised for guitar but can process any source
• High­current, low­noise electronics
• Ultra­wide frequency response
• Ultra­high input impedance
• Silent switching
• High­quality “signal­conditioning” bypass mode
• Premium components throughout
• Advanced power supply filtering and protection
• Flexible external power requirements (9­18V DC)
• PSU Spec. 42mA @ 9V / 58mA @ 18V
• Designed and built in England

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Alimentação 42mA @ 9V / 58mA @ 18V
Marca Origin Effects