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RS665LD Swing Bass 66 5-string Stainless Steel

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.045, .065, .080, .105, .130
The string that started a revolution and brought the bass player from the back line to the front.
This is the string that James How and John Entwistle perfected into what was to become the industry standard. The bright punchy high energy sound this string offered and so much a big part of early rock music as we know it, quickly grew in popularity to all four corners of the globe and remains the leading contender to this present day.


This very popular nickel on steel string offers the best of both worlds insomuch that without sacrificing on quality Rotosound engineers have simplified the design specifications.

This enables the savings made to be passed on to the customer and to offer no less than six sets of choice.

The sound, balance, feel and tone remains uppermost in Rotosound’s commitment to offer the musician the very best in value for money.

These strings are manufactured on ‘state of the art’ computer controlled string winding machines that have been developed by Rotosound engineers to bring you a consistently good product time and time again.

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Marca Rotosound
Tipo Cordas p/ Baixo
Tamanho .045, .065, .080, .105, .130