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Caig Laboratories
Deoxit F5 Mini

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The Caig Laboratories Deoxit F5 Mini Fader Lube 16ml is a professional and highly efficient cleaner and lubricant for faders on mixing desks/controllers. It lubricates faders that have lost their original lubrication through repeated use and creates a protective barrier against oil, grease and acids. The main features of the Caig Laboratories Deoxit F5 Mini Fader Lube 16ml include: Specifically formulated for mixing desk faders Creates Protective Barrier 5% Solution 16ml


  • Use on lubrication/protection of plastic-to-plastic parts (faders)
  • Use on plastic-to-metal parts (faders, linear sliders - dot matrix printers)
  • Use on metal-to-metal parts (sliding and slow rotating metal parts, locks, bearings)
  • Use on carbon-based controls (potentiometers) and membrane switches (mouse pointers, touch keypads)

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