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The Dynamic Modulation control offers a huge range of micro-controlled dynamic pitch-shifting wobble from perfectly clean to a watery shimmer to a maniacal vibration. Up to 750 milliseconds of warm, modulated, analog voiced delay to give any guitar the sweetness and depth you might expect from an old tape echo unit.
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Added external volume pot adjusts the whole pedal's output for unity or even up to 10dB boost from the analog preamp.

Up to 750 Milliseconds Analog Voiced Delay
Delay, Time, Volume, Repeats, and Modulation Controls
Analog Preamp
True Bypass
Less Than 30mA Power Draw
9vDC or Battery Operation

Características do Produto

Marca Lovepedal
Tipo Delay
Dimensões 4.375" (11.11 cm) x 2.375" (6 cm) x 1.75" (4.44 cm)
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