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Evidence Audio
Forte SS 6m Silent Plug

135,90 €



A flexible Instrument cable with exceptional tone and feel. IGL-ECS™ conductors, High Purity Copper, Semi-Balanced Geometry, Organic Insulation, 18 awg conductors.

The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated silent switch (pat. pending) is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 10 '000 mating cycles. The new PX silentPLUG features a rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubber cushion overlay for improved shock protection.


IGL-ECS™ conductors: Minimizes the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, but retains flexibility of a common stranded cable High Purity Copper: Open and extended midrange and highs without etching or glare Semi-Balanced Geometry: Shield blocks noise instead of carrying your signal to preserve dynamics and dimensionality Organic Insulation: Cotton wraps the conductors with a lower dielectric constant than polymers to preserve resolution and prevent smearing 18 awg conductors: Uncommon cross-sectional area for incredible punch and authority without skin-effect anomolies

Neutrik Silent Plug with Gold Connectors

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Marca Evidence Audio
Comprimento 6m (20ft)
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