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Immerse Reverberator MK II

299,00 €



The Immerse Mk II raises the bar with eight magical stereo reverbs in one compact pedal.
With richer reverbs and a Mix knob that goes 100% wet. Delivering the same no-nonsense flexibility as its predecessor, it’s more user-friendly than ever before.
Experience studio-quality tone in a pedal that can be used with instruments of all stripes. The Immerse Mk II is packed with eight versatile reverb effects, including the new W3T™ and Sustain effect.


W3T (Wet version 3) — exclusive to the Mk II, our new flagship reverb is smoother and more three-dimensional sounding than ever before. Now with adjustable pre-delay, it enhances what you play without covering it.
Plate – Bright and diffuse like a studio plate reverb.
Hall – The lush, open sound of a concert hall, now with adjustable modulation depth for achieving deep modulated tones.
Spring – The distinctive twerp of a tube-driven spring reverb. Now with adjustable modulation speed, it can achieve a vibrato-spring sound.
Sustain  – A new algorithm built on the W3T reverb. This magical, versatile effect can be configured as a sustainer or infinite reverb.
Echo – Combining the W3T reverb with stereo echo.
Detune – Adds a detuned double of the dry signal with reverb, now with true blend control between detune and detuned reverb.
Shimmer – Reminiscent of a synth pad that follows what your instrument plays, this effect combines the best qualities of our previous shimmers.

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