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JMI 10th Anniversary

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The limited-edition Morgan Amps JMI 10th Anniversary tube amplifier doesn't just encapsulate the essence of classic British tube amplifiers — it's a re-creation of the very first amplifier Joe Morgan built, before he ever founded Morgan Amplification. It's a 20-watt, cathode biased, EL84-driven amplifier with the iconic top boost design. From glistening cleans to mid-focused roar, the JMI 10th Anniversary stays true to its sonic heritage. And with modern refinements, like Morgan's acclaimed Power Level and Global Cut controls, the Morgan Amps JMI 10th Anniversary stands out among vintage-themed guitar amplifiers.


  • 20-watt tube amplifier, based on the very first Joe Morgan-built amp
  • All-tube, top boost design with EL84, cathode-biased power section
  • Simple volume, treble, bass, and level controls unleash a wide tonal range
  • Power level control helps your pedals sound their best at any volume level
  • Excels with all drives, boosts, delays, and anything else you want to put in front of it
  • Global Cut control removes high frequencies from the power section
  • GZ34 rectifier delivers a fast, responsive playing feel
  • Ready for practically any combination of speaker cabs, with 2 x 8-ohm outputs and 1 x 16-ohm output

Características do Produto

Marca Morgan
Válvulas Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7; Power Tubes: 2 x EL84, 1 x GZ34 (rectifier)
Potência 20W
Dimensões 191x432x248 (mm)
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