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O Pigtronix Keymaster é um modelo que engloba dezenas de funções de manipulação do sinal, seja de pedais, guitarras, baixos, teclados, sintetizadores, microfones, pickup's Dj, entre muitos outros. Actuando como um dispositivo de impedância, o Keymaster permite que o músico aplique as seguintes finalidades: Re-amp, D.I., Line Driver/Pre-amp, Dual True Bypass, Effects Loop, Ligação em Série ou em Paralelo (com mix), Conversões: Balanceado/Desbalanceado, Desbalanceado/Balanceado, Mic/Line, P10/XLR e XLR/P10.
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Keymaster lets a musician crossfade between different effects (or entire pedal boards) with a standard expression pedal. The Keymaster also allows you to add an expression pedal controlled Blend function to your favorite delay pedal or any other effect. A player can turn effects off gradually this way for smooth transitions between tones. Blend two crunch pedals together in parallel to achieve the ultimate thick wall of sound. In the studio, Keymaster provides the ideal re-amp solution for engineers who wish to run a line level signal out of their console, into effects and then into an amplifier or back into the console; all from a single, easy to use interface sporting XLR as well as 1/4“ (balanced or un-balanced) inputs and outputs. Keymaster is also perfect for vocalists or horn players looking to manipulate effects on stage. Instantly blend a clean vocal into any effect by bypassing one of the channels. Every once in a while a device comes along that simply and elegantly answers the unmet needs of musicians at every level. Pigtronix Keymaster will enable you to create new sounds with your favorite gear.

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Marca Pigtronix
Tipo Comutador
Incluido na embalagem 18VDC adapter
Dimensões 145x119x38 (mm)