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Koko Boost Reloaded

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O Koko Boost Reloaded é o resultado de inúmeras horas a aperfeiçoar o circuito original de modo a criar um pedal mais pequeno e ao mesmo tempo expandir a sua funcionalidade e versatilidade.
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Koko Reloaded was engineered with independent Clean and Mid Boost controls resulting in the ability to fine-tune each mode.

The Mid Boost frequencies have been optimized for a sweeter, more cutting tone, that never sounds harsh or fatiguing.

  • Left (Mids): Full and Smooth, tuned specifically to bring out your guitars natural midrange characteristics.
  • Middle (High Mids): Clear and articulate, voiced to cut through a mix for solo playing.
  • Right (Low Mids): Fat and Creamy, excellent for thickening up rhythm and lead tones.

Koko Reloaded Created to enhance your overall playing experience, we developed Multi-Function Technology mf(x). mf(x) is a proprietary foot switch technology that enables you to seamlessly select between Koko Reloaded’s two distinct user modes, Clean and Mid, just by holding down it’s foot switch. Would you like to default to one mode in particular the next time you turn on Koko? Not a problem; mf(x) has built in memory that remembers your last mode choice.

Housed in a unique, spiral faced enclosure, the Koko Boost Reloaded is anodized in a deep raven black finish, and accented with futuristic translucent control knobs.

  • Pedalboard Friendly – Ideal for pedalboards of all sizes
  • More Control Individual Clean and Mid Boost controls
  • Modified Frequency Switch (Three Position) – Modified for greater versatility and emphasized upper mid frequencies for a sweeter more cutting tone
  • More Gain – +6dB of additional gain for increased harmonics and sustain

Características do Produto

Marca Suhr
Tipo Boost
Dimensões 64x114x32 (mm)