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Rockett Pedals
Lemon Aid


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O Rockett Lemon Aid é um pedal de boost por essência, mas também actua como uma espécie de preamp ou modificador de frequências. Este pedal oferece um boost limpo além de ampliar o high end. No entanto, cada posição do boost é ajustável em vários aspectos.
* Promoção válida de 2020-08-01 até 2020-08-31 ou rutura de stock.


The Rockett Pedals Lemon Aid is the perfect compliment to your dream rig set up. It dynamically interacts with your guitar and amplifier to enhance the natural harmonic qualities of pickups, wood, and tubes. It simply expands and enriches your characteristic sound. It also works well with most all overdrive pedals, especially as an overdrive lead boost. Get real chime and glassy resonance with the boost mode. The full boost mode can slam the front end of a preamp and drive your signal into some sweet overdrive territory. Experiment, experiment, experiment! This one is for the tone chaser and pedal tweakers. Of course it’s easy to dial in a great tone immediately, but this pedal does so much more, you need to really dig into it to see how it can dynamically interact with your guitar, amp, and other pedals. Brilliant.

  • Volume: controls level of signal
  • Tone: controls high and low frequencies
  • Boost Switch: choose either treble, clean, or full boost mode
  • Voice: choose either thick or think sound
  • Cut: use to cut output and top end
  • Power: 9 vdc
  • True Bypass

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Marca Rockett Pedals
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