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Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster

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Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the iconic Jazzmaster, the Fender Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster takes a turn into uncharted territory. Featuring three unique humbucking pickups designed by guitar wizard Tim Shaw, plus a 5-way selector switch, this Jazzmaster yields a huge range of vibrant tones. Its playability will please Jazzmaster fans, with a '60s Oval "C" neck profile and narrow-tall frets. While the Jazzmaster has never been an "ordinary" guitar, the Fender Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster is definitely extraordinary.


The Jazzmaster was initially introduced at the NAMM show in 1958, hence the need to release an anniversary model as a tribute to this fantastic instrument.

Though the Jazzmaster was intended to a clean sounding instrument offering jazzy tones, it managed to find its way into the hands of players like Kurt Cobain who completely broke the rulebook and turned this instrument into an icon for experimentation. Jazz players aplenty still use these guitars however more experimental players who like to cut through the mix or use tones of fuzz and gain have found their voice with the Jazzmaster

Paying tribute to 60 years of the Jazzmaster, Fender bring us the Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster.

Características do Produto

Cor Daphne Blue
Marca Fender
Afinadores Pure Vintage Single Line "Fender Deluxe"
Pickups Tim Shaw Custom Filter'Tron Humbucker
Comprimento Escala 25.5" (648 mm)
Nº de Trastos 21
Corpo Outro
Controladores 1 x master volume, 1 x master tone, 2-way toggle switch (neck/bridge pickup engage), 5-way blade pickup switch
Escala Pau Ferro
Incluido na embalagem Anniversary Logo Case
País de fabrico Estados Unidos
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