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Ojai Expansion Kit

141.00 EUR
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Have an existing Strymon effects pedal power supply? Gain five additional isolated pedal outputs with an Expansion Kit. Easily build a modular power system that can grow with your pedalboard.
Expansion Kits require an existing Strymon power product which connects to an AC power outlet. Simply link an Expansion Kit to your existing Strymon power product via the 24V jack.


What is included?

Expansion Kits consist of an isolated power distributor and all of the necessary connection cables to integrate it with your existing Strymon power supply and power up to five additional effects pedals.


When should I use an Expansion Kit?

Use an Expansion Kit when you need to add more pedals to your Strymon powered pedalboard. Expansion Kits do not come with a power adapter, and will operate only when connected to an existing Strymon power product. 

Características do Produto

Marca Strymon
Dimensões 81mm x 58mm x 33mm
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