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Pedal de distorção/overdrive com sons de distorção “Soft-clipped” e “Hard-clipped”.
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What’s better than a great overdrive pedal? How about two great overdrives in one pedal? Fulltone’s PlimSoul delivers just that, giving you smooth, bluesy overdrive on one side and a more biting overdrive on the other. The result: one amazing overdrive that can do it all! You can even blend the two channels to craft your ultimate overdrive. PlimSoul lets you know exactly how hard you’re pushing it, thanks to the LED that grows brighter or dimmer depending on the signal you’re putting through it. PlimSoul is a beauty of an overdrive pedal – you’ll love having one on your pedalboard!

Características do Produto

Output 1 x 1/4"
Fonte de Alimentação Incluída Não
Marca Fulltone
Tipo Overdrive
Dimensões 5,3 x 6,35 x 11,4 cm