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Special Edition Road Worn Hot Rod Tele MN 3TSB

1 150,00 €



Road Worn Hot Rod Tele Limited Edition.
It's got some premium features that make it punch above it's weight and though it looks like an old, well-loved guitar, it's really a modern beast. With a chunky soft V maple neck that resonates like a bell (it is 1 piece after all which means the sounds can resonate evenly throughout the neck). And the new Narrow Tall pickups make it easy to bend strings and pull off those fast country runs.


A common mod for a telecaster is to keep the twangy singlecoil in the bridge and upgrade the neck pickup to a fatter sounding humbucker. This makes the guitar more versatile because you can get the growl and grit from the bridge and the smooth jazzy, bluesy tones from the neck pickup.

The neck pickup is a highly regarded Seymour Duncan 59 which is a low output humbucker that sounds great through mild overdrive. It's warm and fat sounding. And in the bridge you've got a single nocaster bridge that has all the twang you'd expect. But it really lets rip when you match it with a driven tube amp.

Características do Produto

Cor 3-Color Sunburst
Marca Fender
Afinadores Vintage-Style
Pickups Neck: Seymour Duncan 59; Bridge: Custom Nocaster Vintage Single-Coil Tele
Comprimento Escala 25.5" (648 mm)
Nº de Trastos 21
Corpo Tele
Controladores Master Volume, Master Tone
Braço Maple
Incluido na embalagem Deluxe Gig Bag
País de fabrico Estados Unidos
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