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Rockett Pedals
Squeegee Compressor

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Experience quiet and classic compression tones in a “Perfect for any Pedalboard” mini enclosure.
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We all know the classic tones of The Police or laying down those killer funk lines, tearing it up with our double stops or plinking out innerchordal melodies right? Well they all really need compression. If Mark Knopfler asked us to build him a compressor I bet the Squeegee would hit the spot. This is not one of those recreations of a complicated studio compressor where you have no clue what any of the controls do. This is a basic two know job that makes it easy for the user, just like what the classic guitar tones were made of. Unlike most compressors that squash your tone a little too much or have too much noise when kicked on our Squeegee provides toneful compression that is dead quiet and feels like real tubes working hard.

9 volt Negative tip adapter and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.

True Bypass Switching

Características do Produto

Alimentação 9V
Marca Rockett Pedals
Tipo Compressor