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Rockett Pedals
The Majestic

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70’s Rock Tone Inspired By The Cranked Tone of A 1959 Les Paul Through A Marshall.
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The Majestic Overdrive is our take on the classic 70’s rock tone. Inspired by Led Zeppelin’s How the West Was Won, we set out to create the ultimate Jimmy Page style overdrive. We made a pedal that has amp like sensitivity, chewy sag and squawk all while letting your guitar’s natural tone shine through. This overdrive is perfect for single coil and humbucker pickups and will fit right at home on any pedalboard ready to rock!

Características do Produto

Fonte de Alimentação Incluída Não
Alimentação 9V
Marca Rockett Pedals
Tipo Overdrive
Dimensões 102x58 (mm)