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Thirty Something

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Pedal de overdrive que emula o tom clássico dos amps Vox.


Finally after tweaking this pedal for 3 years, Brian was beyond happy. Other pedals have come and gone, but this one has always been on the breadboard; being tweaked here and modified there. Finally Brian was ready to present one of his favorite tones of all time.

What makes those amps so special? Well, first of all there is the “chime” – A beautifully clear and concise high response that cuts through anything. Then there is the overdrive. When you push it hard (with the boost switch activated) the tone creates a midrange hump that makes your tone enormous but with enough clarity to hear every string ring through. The Thirty Something truly is a master class in tone.

  • Overdrive pedal for electric guitar
  • Designed to give you the sound and feel of classic VOX amplifiers
  • Top Cut EQ gives you the smooth response you'd expect from a VOX amp's tone controls
  • Headroom switch gives you control over how quickly your tone starts distorting
  • Gain Boost switch can be engaged to hit your amp harder, even when the overdrive is bypassed

Características do Produto

Alimentação 9VDC/13mA
Marca Wampler
Tipo Overdrive
Dimensões 88.9mm x 114.3mm x 38.1mm